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MacOS Catalina ZSH customization and aliases

I prefer using Terminal for most tasks which involve file managing, instead of other GUI applications like Finder, GitHub Desktop etc. With MacOS Catalina's launch, Apple has switched over to zsh due to some copyright concerns with bash. While bash is still available, I guess it’s a good time to make the switch now.

I’ve decided to start from scratch and dump my previous configuration file.

I’ve found a very good guide over here:


I opted to replace Terminal with iTerm2, mostly because of its plethora of configuration options.

The .zshrc Configuration File

To configure the shell, enter cd to move to the home directory, and edit the .zshrc file using your favorite editor (nano, vim, sublime, etc).


One great feature is to constantly add aliases for your most used commands. For example I’m doing Paul Hudson’s (of #100DaysOfSwiftUI challenge. And every day I open iTerm > alias ch=“cd ~/Documents/Dev/HackingWithSwift”


I’ve opted for this theme, and I haven’t customized it very much yet, with the exception of some colors. You can see below how it looks:


Published on 2019-12-16 09:10:00 +0000

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